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‘Scratch’ Premieres Online at SyFy Wire

Our short film is now online for all to see.
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We are thrilled to premiere our short film Scratch on SyFy Wire. As one of the largest and best sites focusing on genre film we could not think of a better place to finally take the short public. They also conducted an interview with writer and director Ronan Jorah. Read an excerpt below and click the link to read the whole thing.

“I have an obsession with world as character. It’s sort of saying, ‘I’m gonna place these characters in a world and the world itself almost feels like it’s alive," adds [Director Ronan] Jorah. "I like the idea of dwarfing characters against some sort of larger-than-life backdrop and then you have to kind of work out the moral conundrums in the face of that”
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Tori Danielle shares her thoughts on our short film and interviews Director Ronan Jorah and Producer Carey Van Driest.
JD McMillin Talks Mixing 'Scratch'
The sound mixer of 'Scratch', and owner of McM Sound, discusses his approach to shaping the soundscape of the film.
An Interview with 'Scratch' Cinematographer Shannon Madden
Shannon talks about the creation of the film's unique look.
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