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Ronan Jorah + Carey Van Driest Interviewed by ShockYa!

The Director and Producer of 'Scratch' talked about the meaning and making of the film with Karen Benardello
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The director of ‘Scratch’, Ronan Jorah, and the film’s producer, Carey Van Driest, recently spoke with Karen Benardello of ShockYa! about the origins and production of the short film. Topics range from the genesis of idea to the challenges of getting something off the page and on to the screen:

“[So] We set the story in a diner in New Jersey. I like the idea of doing it from this point-of-view-it puts the conflict in the audience, and makes them complicit. You’re not really sure if the Devil’s actually there, or if this guy’s just crazy, and thinks he sees him.”
- Ronan Jorah / Director of ‘Scratch’

Read the full interview at the link below.

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